Sixth Form: Preparing Independent Learners for the Future

Welcome to the RBIS sixth form. Sixth form is the time where students aged 16-18 complete courses that develop their knowledge and skills for University and work. At RBIS we complete A levels and international advanced A levels which are internationally recognised qualifications, building on a students knowledge from their IGCSEs. Students can complete AS levels or whole A levels in a range of subjects which are an academic gateway to university entry across the world. Unlike many other international schools, our students benefit from small class sizes that average 5 students in a subject, which means no one gets left behind and everyone makes significant progress. Our sixth form prepares students for their undergraduate studies at universities in Thailand and internationally and we have alumni studying in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia to name a few.

A Level Programme

Sixth form students at RBIS study A level programmes through Cambridge and Pearson. All students choose four subjects in year 12 to take AS levels in, and after the summer exams they will move forward in year 13 with three of the subjects. Students choose subjects following advice from their teachers, considering their future career plans, and what they enjoy learning. It is important to consider what a student will need to enter university courses in their desired country on their desired course. We have a varied choice in subjects at RBIS which allows students to either stream their learning into the RBIS science stream, humanities stream, Business stream or Arts and communication stream. However the subject choices have been arranged so that there is flexibility for students to have a balanced diet of subject, choosing subjects from the different streams.

Science Stream Business Stream Humanities Stream Art Stream
Mathematics Mathematics English Art and Design
Physics Business Studies Geography Photography
Chemistry ICT History Digital Media and Design
Biology Media Studies Mandarin Media Studies

Personal Pathways:
BTEC Vocational programme

At RBIS we understand that a wholly academic stream of study is not suited to everyone. That’s why we offer students the opportunity to take a more vocational pathway with Pearson’s BTEC (Business and Technology Educational Council) which allows students a hands on opportunity to explore higher level programmes of study. The BTEC consists of unitised work which allows students to progress through the programme knowing how well they are doing. These units are assessed internally and all courses involve an externally assessed module. The BTEC can be combined with A level study or can be the entire focus of a students education. BTEC is a fantastic way to prepare students for the world of work and further education. One in five students at university in the United Kingdom have  completed a BTEC and the qualification is accepted in many universities globally in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada and many Universities in Thailand’s international programmes are beginning to recognise the BTEC.

Life in the Sixth Form

Sixth form students at RBIS are the leaders of the school and as such have certain privileges in the RBIS community. Students are treated as young adults by their teachers, with a more relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. Students do not wear a school uniform but instead wear professional dress, preparing them for the formality of the work environment, whilst allowing them to express themselves as individuals. The sixth form students also have the benefit of our sixth form centre, which is a dedicated area for students to study and relax away from the other students. The sixth form centre gives students their own space.


Sixth form students have fewer subjects to learn, but with far more lessons. The A level programmes of study are more demanding than any other qualification and so require more classroom time with their teachers. With their subjects requiring a great deal of students own time to revise and produce work, it is important that a proportion of their timetable is dedicated to study. Therefore Sixth form students have several study periods allocated to them, so they are able to use the sixth form centre to complete work. Along with this, students are also allocated time to be taught PSHE with their form tutor and regularly receive advice about their progress.

Sixth Form Leaders and Community Service

Sixth formers at RBIS are the leaders of the school community and as such, they are allocated community service in school to help inspire and support students in the lower years of the school. Students put on clubs, activities and support sessions to share their knowledge and experience with students, whether that be academic or creative. Students also help run the school’s charity events which raise money for less fortunate communities in the Phisanulok area of Thailand. Students organise and run charity events all year and at the end of the academic year, they attend a community service residential, where they help schools develop buildings and resources.