RBIS Secondary School

RBIS offers a student centred learning environment that follows the British National Curriculum from Key Stage three to Key Stage five. We combine academic rigour, creative expression and community spirit to ensure well rounded graduates who are prepared for their future.

Students are supported by our personal community environment where there are no unfamiliar faces, and they are cared for by our supportive pastoral system in which every pupil has their own form tutor that they see on a daily basis.


Our average Class size of eight fosters personality growth and academic progress; we ensure that everyone has time with the teacher and is challenged to make significant personal progress. This progress is tracked with both internal and external testing and we assess students on a regular basis; sending reports to parents through our LMS schoolbase to keep them up to date. We also run several student led conferences a year, this allows students to reflect on their progress and discuss this with their teachers and parents.

RBIS KS3: Embedding passion and skill in years 7-9

In Key Stage three, students are aged from 11 to 14 and we have a healthy mix of students graduating from our primary school, as well as external students from different backgrounds. The transitional period is closely supported by our strong pastoral team and existing student body, who help for a fast settling in period.

Students in key stage three study the British national curriculum which enables them to engage with a range of subjects and topics that introduce them to new skills and passions, whilst preparing them for the rigor of our IGCSE programmes.


Our holistic approach to teaching gives our students an opportunity to be artists and scholars, who find rewards in the challenges they face in the classroom.

Students are introduced to subjects and life-long opportunities in:

English Mathematics Science Drama
Mandarin Swimming Music History
Art and Design Thai Language and Culture ICT Geography
Physical Education Design Technology PSHE ECA

RBIS KS4 : IGCSE years 10 and 11

In year 10 and 11, students are aged between 14 to 16 and study International General Certificates in Education, or IGCSEs. These are rigorous educational qualifications that are internationally recognised  and ensure students are prepared for their personal journey to sixth form and university.

All students at RBIS study core subjects in English, Mathematics, Biology and ICT and are able to take three option subjects from a selection of academic and creative subjects. These options allow students to go into more detail in subjects from key stage three as well introducing them to new subjects as well.

To ensure students’ health and wellbeing pupils also engage in Physical education, PSHE and a careers focus, along with being active members in our House system and competitions.

English Mathematics Biology ICT
Chemistry Physics Business Studies Mandarin
Physical Education Thai History Fine Art
Photography Geography Textiles PSHE

RBIS Personal Pathways - 1 year IGCSEs

RBIS is the only international school in Bangkok to offer a tailored one year GCSE course. This is designed for students who would like to retake their GCSEs or have moved overseas or from another school part way through their course.

The one year course is a bespoke programme that is designed to enable students to move on to the next educational step in sixth form, without having to repeat the whole two-year GCSE course.

Everyone has a different experience and a personal journey in education, and some circumstances mean that a student may not have been able to achieve the 5 GCSE’s needed to move on to the next step. Many students have to relocate during unfortunate times in their education: at the end of year 10; others move schools for reasons out of their control.


In some cases it may just be that they were unable to achieve those 5 A-C grades needed at the end of year 11. Our  programme of study is designed to meet the needs of students in these positions, and unlike other international schools, we will not force students to redo year 10 if we can help it.

For information on our Personal Pathways Vocational option, please see our sixth form section.

Thai Lessons

At RBIS we are an international school with students from 25 nationalities, and we believe in the benefits and importance of this balance in society. We are a British international school in Bangkok and therefore Thailand is at the centre of the school’s heritage. We believe that all students need to learn about the culture and traditions of their host country, and we ensure that all of our students have a lesson in Thai studies and experience the annual celebrations of Thailand.

For those of our students that are Thai nationals, they will also complete the thai Language and culture lessons required by the Ministry of Education and will go on to complete the IGCSE in Thai.

Wider Learning

As part of the RBIS core values and beliefs, our students are encouraged to engage in a variety of activities during their time at school. Our secondary students regularly enter national competitions in academics and creative arenas such as: The Tournament of Minds, the Scholars cup, and the Across Asia Youth Film Festival. We also host in-school competitions for both our own students, and external schools in sport, creative writing, chess, and Art.

As a member of Round Square, RBIS also opens up many opportunities for students to attend trips and conferences both nationally and internationally, and our pastoral curriculum focuses students on global values. We believe our secondary students should be global citizens who understand the social and environmental issues that we hope they will help overcome as RBIS graduates.

BTEC courses coming soon