RBIS Personal Pathways - 1 year IGCSEs

RBIS is the only international school in Bangkok to offer a tailored one year GCSE course. This is designed for students who would like to retake their GCSEs or have moved overseas or from another school part way through their course.

The one year course is a bespoke programme that is designed to enable students to move on to the next educational step in sixth form, without having to repeat the whole two-year GCSE course.

Everyone has a different experience and a personal journey in education, and some circumstances mean that a student may not have been able to achieve the 5 GCSE’s needed to move on to the next step. Many students have to relocate during unfortunate times in their education: at the end of year 10; others move schools for reasons out of their control.


In some cases it may just be that they were unable to achieve those 5 A-C grades needed at the end of year 11. Our  programme of study is designed to meet the needs of students in these positions, and unlike other international schools, we will not force students to redo year 10 if we can help it.

For information on our Personal Pathways Vocational option, please see our sixth form section.