Ratchawit (Leo) Janewithayapun

6 A*s and 4 As including Non-IGCSE subjects

Chemical Engineering student at SIIT, Thammasat University.

The time I spent at RBIS is definitely full of fun experiences and memories. What I remember most fondly though, is how I had the chance to get to know pretty much everyone in the school; from the seniors and juniors to the teachers and staffs, the school’s smaller size meant there was a chance to know everyone.

There are other experiences too of course. I can still picture the football tournaments I went through 7th to 9th grade quite vividly and on a more academic end, I can still remember the fun and wonder of the chemistry experiments in the lab. These are some of the ones that come to mind – there are actually so many great experiences that it is quite hard to choose as there were so many fulfilling and enjoyable moments.

Nattatida Damrongvisetpanit (Pear)

Faculty of Architecture Chulalongkorn University,

Architectural Design

I was lucky enough to attend one of the best International school in Thailand. I have studied in Bilingual school before I decided to move to the International school. I was so nervous and terrified that I might not get along with new classmates or teachers, as well as my English language was not quite strong at that moment. After I first walked in, the entire new world was surprising me. I fell in love with everything about RBIS International School.There was a completely unique atmosphere on campus. From move-in day on, RBIS felt like home. When I first arrived the campus, the orientation committee was beyond enthusiastic and everyone was smiling. Asking someone a question was not intimidating, it was encouraged. The campus building might not as big as compared to other high schools, but I was so sure that it never made me bored. I felt like there was always something interesting going on at RBIS. The “scary teacher” stereotype did not exist here, they were friendly and extremely fun. At a larger school, the teacher would not be notice if one of the student was not in the class. Here, an absence was recognised with concern. I truly, deeply thank you my high school for shaping me into the person I am today. Each and every experience has changed my life for the better, and I do not know what I would do without attending this particular high school. One of my favourite aspects of RBIS was how acceptable they were of whatever I wanted to do after graduating. I aimed to attend Faculty of architecture, Chulalongkorn University, and I made it! This would leave credit to all incredible teachers who did everything to help me achieve my goal. I feel incredibly blessed to have known and interacted with such a positive and powerful individual who truly wanted the best for each student. One of my teacher has said, “as long as you set a goal you wanted to achieve, you were doing something right with your future, no matter what it may be. Thank you RBIS International school. Stay gold.

Nach Suphakawanich

University of Birmingham, English Literature

I spent more than 10 years at RBIS and I thoroughly enjoyed learning there. The smaller, intimate environment really pushed me to thrive and think carefully about what I wanted to do. After RBIS, I have since finished my A Levels. I am currently studying English Literature at the University of Birmingham. It is safe to say that RBIS was certainly a good starting point for my future.

Vahrey Sitsuksai (Por)

Mahidol University International College, Finance 

My time at RBIS was absolutely wonderful, all the friends, teacher and staff were so warm and friendly, RBIS is more than just a typical school they are my big family! Due to the small classes, it allows the teacher to pay attention to every single student, and when we encounter any problems, the teachers are always ready to help and support in all aspects. With that strong support and the positive environment around the school, it shaped who I am today. Also, I truly have to admit that RBIS prepared me very well for my further education. I graduated from Mahidol University International College with major in Finance and minor in Chinese and currently pursuing another bachelor degree in Accountancy at University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.’

Runcharat Poonyaveekul (Silk)

Mahidol University International College,  

Communication Design Program

My time in RBIS has taught me many things that helped me graduate University and made me who I am today. Because we were taught in a small group, it has helped me understand and learn each subject efficiently. Another advantage from being in a small school was that it made me and my friends very close, and I still keep in touch with them to this day. After RBIS, I chose to study Communication Design Program at MUIC (Mahidol University International College), where we were also taught in a small group which helped me feel more at ease. It was a tough 4 years at MUIC but my time in RBIS has taught me to cope with the stress and pressure that I had to deal with as a University student. I am now a Freelance Graphic designer and also a co-founder of a cosmetics brand “Misbehave” which was launched in 2017. I would love to visit school again and see how much the school has changed since I left.

Najakorn Khajonchotpanya (Nampetch)

Chulalongkorn Univerisity, Financial Engineering studying for Masters

My years at RBIS were incredible, I remember enjoying school so much that holidays felt too long. Because the school was not too big, I was friends with everyone in the campus, both upper and lower years, and many of which are still my best friends today. During my time at RBIS, the teachers were supportive, which created a very good learning environment and made me enjoy learning. Also, with the help of the teachers, I discovered who I am as a person and found my strengths and my weaknesses. Although my university degrees do not really relate to the subjects I took at IGCSE, the strong mindset and the eagerness to learn that I developed while at school helped me strive through my bachelor degree in Economics (First-class honour), and I am currently finishing my masters degree in Financial Engineering.

Tanaporn Pongchaipasert (Sui)

Mahidol University International College, Tourism and Hospitality Management BBA

14 years studying at RBIS has shaped and moulded me into what I become today. RBIS is more than just a school, it is a small house full of warmth and care with good society, great teachers and friendship. I started RBIS with lack in English but one year later my life changed. English helps build confident in me, I am able to speak out among friends and teachers. I enjoyed my lifetime at RBIS as it is my second home. I could say that school life is the best life. There are so many memories create at RBIS which it still remind me every time I think about it. RBIS has more than excellent education, this school provides a lot of opportunities for students to identify their own abilities and talents. I have finished my studied at RBIS in 2012 and I applied at Mahidol University International College majoring in Tourism and Hospitality Management (B.BA) and minoring in Food Science and Technology (B.Sc). Currently, I have been graduated at MUIC in the class of 2016 and I am working as a Project Co-ordinator in an event organiser (Musketeers Event Co., Ltd.).


Studying: Biology, English language, ICT and Geography.

There is a big difference between the courses. In IGCSE’s i find that memorizing and remembering the lessons were enough to pass or even get A, A*. Whereas in As, you’d really have to have a deep understanding and be able to recreate scenarios and know what the output would be. Which require a much more developed, advance and complex skill to answer.


Studying: Mathematics, English Language, Geography and Business Studies.

The subjects that we get to study from are very interesting and the teachers support us and engage us into a good understanding .


Studying: English Language, Art, Media Studies and ICT.

The teachers are supporting us very well in every subjects: guide us and giving advice. I have to say that the study is quite tough as it’s a preparation before you go to the university.


AS-level is amazing, life as an AS student is very challenging but it is also a very enjoyable year. The AS-level subjects are very challenging but it is very enjoyable, especially Media studies because I can get to study how to take a very good picture and I can get to use cameras and take pictures of the school events. As-level is very interesting and I like it.